Saturday, December 01, 2007

Famine Insurance

Can it be that God is providing people worldwide with famine insurance? Those extra pounds may save your life when there is nothing left to eat without selling your soul for a bowl of soup as Esau did [Heb 12:16-17]. Those extra inches cannot be taken from you when someone breaks in to steal any food you may have in store.

Morning Edition, January 24, 2007 • recently reported, "The rate of obesity in France has doubled in recent years, to 12 percent — a figure approaching U.S. fat stats. A nation once eternally trim must now rethink its approach to eating and even dress sizes."

Obesity Not Just A U.S. Problem "Nearly one-third of all Europeans are obese because of fast-food consumption and sedentary lifestyles, and nations must encourage healthier habits, a U.N. agency warned

Obesity, once considered mostly an American problem, now is prevalent in European countries, where traditional diets have been associated with long life and good health, the World Health Organization said. The problem reaches around the world.

In countries like India and Malaysia, people still wear flab around their waists as a badge of prosperity."

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